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HOL1pg24Mira is a world holding on to the past while trying to look toward the future. It's seen the rise and fall of empires and nations, surviving their aftermaths and echoes for centuries. Each time, however, something more is lost never to return. Such is the fate of Lumina, an empire crumbling all around its inhabitants. Some look to stop the decline by sword, some by faith, while its enemies look to crush any hope that remains. Which one will prevail none can yet say, but what is certain is the times ahead will be turbulent.

But just as a new emperor is crowned a young Luminian noble, named Mikal Karstan, begins questioning the hypocrisy and juxtaposition around him. In his search for answers, place, and purpose he’ll inspire others with the truth he discovers, changing himself and all of Mira in the process.

Heroes of the Light is a YA fantasy comic series exploring a world sharing echoes of Eastern Europe and other parts of the eastern world during the time of the Byzantine Empire with some minor science-fiction elements added in. At the same time some common elements of the fantasy genre, namely magic and more commonly known monsters and creatures, have been removed. The result is a world called Mira in which alchemy, artificery, priests, and a monotheistic faith (splint into various sects) heavily influences a world of crumbling empires giving way to nascent nations, factious political machinations, and the ever present threat of total war.

ART: Ann Maulina
LETTERING: Taylor Esposito

A Hero's Journey
Footholds and Factions
Revolution and Rebellion
Dark Lords Rising
The Long Way Home
Havoc on the Horizon
A Monastic Interlude
The Gathering Storm
A Darkness Over Mitha
Dissension in the Darkness
The March Across Mitha
A New Dawn


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