Corwyn and Company | Vol. 1

Rainer's Leagacy is a short story collection following the life and career of a young bard named Corwyn Danther. His adventures take the reader along with him as he both explores and experiences the various people and places making up the world of Tralodren. Not only do these tales show and explain more of this fascinating fantasy setting, but also reveal what goes on in Tralodren when there aren't epic struggles afoot with the planet hanging in the balance.

These stories are also varied in tone, some more comedic, others more serious, providing a nice mix but common theme to the overall collection. Corwyn, being a pragmatic pacifist, also adds to this mix as just how he gets into these adventures in the first place and resolves them once involved.

The seven stories included in this collection are: Rainier's Legacy, Maiden Rock, Where Dreams Go to Die, Charity for Halflings, Sellswords and Snake Oil, The Forgotten, and The More Things Change.


"These stories are well constructed, entertaining, have engaging characters, and use standard fantasy tropes with humour and a modicum of originality...worth a read as an entertaining, diverse, often humorous, yet thoughtful set of tales, with an interesting fantasy hero who doesn't need swords and wizardry to effect his ends."
—SF Site

"...explore a world that is magical and beautifully described. Corrie's vivid descriptions capture the imagination and bring life to the unique world of Tralodren...[a] land ripe with mythology and magic..."
—RT Book Reviews (four stars)

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