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You can contact Chad by email at: chad (at) chadcorrie (dot) com. Please note that depending on his present workload, time of the year, and other factors he might not be able to respond right away. He also reserves the right not to reply, this being especially true with frequently asked questions that have already been answered (see below). If you're looking to inquire about rights and/or representation for Chad and his work, please click here.


It's very helpful if you could please send your request two to three months ahead of time so Chad can better prepare and work with his schedule and yours to allow for the best event possible.

Along with the description of your event, please include how many attend or you plan on having attend.

In some cases a fee might be required—this based upon the type of event, location, size, duration of event/appearance, and other factors. If a fee would be charged you'd be notified in advance to make sure you still wish to proceed with your original request.

If the venue is an hour or more journey (one way) from where he lives, payment for Chad's travel expenses are to be part of the offer. This would be for gas (if he drives), airfare (should he need to fly), and any other expenses so incurred (taxis, shuttle buses, etc.).

Hotel accommodations should also be provided if he is required to stay overnight for the duration of the venue as well as a per diem (or suitable arrangement) for meals.

Chad's works and/or related merchandise must also be made available at the event for those who wish to look through and/or purchase anything.

*Please note that your submission of a request does not mean Chad's obligated to take part in your event, nor does any correspondence from and/or with him following it constitute a commitment to taking up your request. An effort will be made to reply in a timely manner, however, as best his schedule allows.


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